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Glasshouse Limited Edition 700 Gram Candles

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The Candle weighs just over 2 kilograms

The Jar Size is 13.5 cm high without lid, 18 cm with Lid

Diameter (Width) at base - 12 cm on the outside, 10.5 inside

The Glass Ball on the Lid is 2.5 cm and very optical

In comparison the standard 350 grams Candle is 11 cm high, 15 with lid, Base - 10, Inside - 8.5.

The 700 Gram Candle Gift Carton is fitted with a thick inner cell to hold the Candle securely.

As always, a brilliant product from Glasshouse Fragrances

It is worth buying the Super Size in order to gain a useful large Glass Sealed Container for the Larder, and if you do the calculations of cost per Gram, the Super Sized is about $10.00 cheaper than standard 350 Gram Candle.

The burn Time is up to 160 hours

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